20 mai, 2015

After all... what is the purpose of life?

 Have you ever thought about this? I guess you did, all people do. I think the first time I had this thought was when my grandmother died. She was the first death I have experienced in my life. I wasn't as sad I suppose I should have been... I actually didn't know how sad I should be. At her funeral my mother asked me to write a speech for the people at the church. I did. I wrote about my childhood (most of which I spent with her) and about how she used to be with us, all of her grandchildren. At the end of the speech I wrote this: "I am only sorry I didn't get to ask her ... <<after all... what is the purpose of life?>>" I kept thinking that she knew, being old. Old people tend to know things. Now, I think I have found the answer (by myself). I think the purpose of this life is not necessarily to be happy but to be grateful. Grateful for everything that happens to you, with the believe that it is for your own good. We tend to relate happiness to certain things, places or, most of all, people. Why do we put such an important thing in the hands of people? So, I believe that the purpose is to pass through this life being grateful, doing good things, helping people in need, and, most of all, building a relationship with God in order to be truly happy in the afterlife.

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